What is 'a remembrance of things past' about? What is the plot?

ah --

it takes me back

the smell of this biscuit.

this is how the book begins -- and right now -- the thought of the opening of 'a remembrance of things past' or 'in search of lost time' -- invokes in me a stirring of a strange memory of having recently seen an episode of "the good doctor" in which an intoxicated surgeon hears a biscuit mentioned and is transported back in time in a story arc that is ultimately a non event. Crimes go unpunished, , wishes are forgotten, and the world returns to normal for next week's episode.


that is the person, Marcel Proust. (I was stalling)


  • Written by Marcel Proust
  • First Published in France from 1913 to 1927
  • Very lengthy.
  • Genres: Non-linear, semi-autobiographical, allegorical, philosophical
  • Other tags: Involuntary-memory.

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