This site is written by Leon Bambrick (leodo not show thisnbamdo not show thisbrickdo not show this@gdo not show thismail.com). It aims to be a complete, timeless, annotated repository of things I find sort of interesting. The original blog post launching the wiki is here.

There is an RSS feed of recent edits. (Only includes edits not marked as 'minor')


Every article should contain original research.

Articles are written in markdown.

They can be tagged as belonging to categories. (There should also be a "featured" tag, used for making the front page and sidebar more interesting, but that isn't implemented yet)

If an article contains the category "stub", or if an edit is flagged as a "minor edit" (there's a checkbox for this) then it won't appear in the sidebar or rss as a recent edit.


Where possible, the wiki should provide illustrative visualizations of the topic being discussed.


Where possible, the visualizations (and other aspects of the articles) should be interactive, allowing the reader to change parameters, re-run animations, and alter the state of an element.

Interactive elements should also have a "tinker..." link that takes you to a sandbox where you can really explore the interactive element with less restrictions.


The category system is also used for loading plugins. For example, if an article has the 'logo' category, then the logo plugin is loaded.

Current plugins include:

  • gol (for Game of Life)
  • logo (embed Turtle Logo)
  • Math (for embedding mathematical notation)
  • spin (for spintax)
  • stub (adds a note about the article being a stub, see below)
  • caesar-shift (allows the automated caesar-shifting of a piece of text)
  • category Allows one to write articles about categories (that are not necessarily members of that category). Thus, for example, the intricacies of the logo implementation (and its extensions) can be documented.

Planned plugins

Bonus Pages

There's a number of added bonuses at this site, other than articles and plugins.

Hidden Message

There are hidden messages.

Inspirational Styles

When in doubt, use these sites for inspiration:

Inspirational Topics

If ever one is short of topics, consider everything mentioned in any of these places:

Planned categories and articles

There is a publicly available trello board showing categories and articles i'd like to write about.