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Maths Education Games

There are some really cool maths education games. I wish these had been around when I was younger. But I can still play them and learn from them now.

My favorites are:

  • Prodigy Game — an impressive adventure game, that uses maths challenges as a way to defeat monsters.

Pluses: amazing graphics, engaging play (kids get really immersed in this one), mixes challenge with achievement and satisfaction. Teachers can see exactly how their students are progressing with comprehensive stats, and can set appropriate challenges.

Downside: it's so addictive, and such an extreme example of gamification that you may not be happy with how much time your kids spend playing it.

Prodigy Game

Dragon Box make a series of fun games that teach you how to perform complex operations on equations.

The algebra game is brilliant. The activity is designed to look nothing like equations. You learn all of the mental habits that are needed, without even seeing an equation. Slowly, over many levels, the little monsters you are moving around are transformed into the variables and operations that they represent. Eventually you see that you are just directly manipulating terms in equations. And by the time you see this, you're already a master at it.

  • Hungry Fish

Hungry Fish — teaches you "number sense". Suitable for kids 6 and younger.


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