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Whether charging at the Russians in the Battle of the Light Brigade, yelling at a judge, poisoning your friends, fighting an officer to protect a woman, charging into the darkness to slaughter — and be slaughtered by — the local populace, fighting Napoleon's forces at Waterloo, forging a communistic community, or being jailed for revolutionary activities, there is a specific trait in common with these four Mad-Bastard-Bambricks that sets them apart from all others, and which, time will only tell us, has perhaps been eradicated from our gene pool.

Here is the relationship between all four:

Mad Bastard Bambricks: family tree

Each of these four people died without offspring.

Three of them had military involvement — one rising to the rank of Captain (by purchase.) another receiving the Victoria Cross, and one fighting in the Charge of the Light-brigade. The last of the M.B.Bs, Robert Prince Bambrick, my great-grand-father's uncle, was the first Bambrick born in Australia, jailed for organising a strike, which led to the foundation of the Labor Party in Australia, and founder of a communistic community in South Australia.

Each of them was a Mad Bastard Bambrick.

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