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Dissociative identity disorder.



This is a snapshot of terminology which is evolving quickly -- meanings of these terms will change, certainly some of these may become harmful and can be put behind a content shield, many new words will be coined that refine the idea space.

Tell me if there's a problem.

  • Age Slider - a fragment whose perceived age can move within a range.
  • Alter
  • ANP - Apparently Normal Part. See Parts terminology.
  • Backrooms backrooms
  • Co-Con - Co-Conscious. I imagine this as Han Solo flying the plane, but Chewbaca the wookey is right there. Or perhaps more like being in the back seat.
  • Caregiver - role. Or β€œcaretaker”
  • Complete "Integration" of Alters -- means the same as "Fusing" - at the end, less alters. Some consider it healing, others grieve lost alters.
  • EP - emotional part - trauma-holder fragment (in fragment terminology) See Parts terminology.
  • Factive
  • Fictive - an introject type of alter whose source is (for example) a character from a work of fiction. If the drill sargeant from (some movie with a drill sergeant) helps a system to be motivated, that this is a fictive introject with a helper role.
  • Fragment
  • Front room
  • Fronting
  • Fusing of Alters
  • Headspace
  • Helper - role
  • Integration --
  • Introject - alter with an external source, such as a fictive or factive
  • Internal communication - the secret
  • Median -
  • MP - mixed part - more common in polyfragmented (have heard it stated as "only occurs in polyfragmented"). See Parts terminology.
  • Myths and misconceptions -
  • OSDD-1 - Other specified dissociative disorder type 1 -
  • Parts terminology - a "part" is approximately equivalent to a fragment. Interjects are also parts. Parts can be classified into ANP, MP, EP. If you see a d-i-d related TLA (two or three letter acronym) that ends in "P" - it might be a "parts" related term.
  • Plural, plurality - plural people, a word for systems sometimes used with a community minded focus.
  • Polyfragmented - a system with 100 or more fragments/parts/alters/
  • Persecutor - role that an alter may primarily serve. A persecutor probably intends to be helpful, but may be verbally, emotionally or physically abusive.
  • Prosecutor - attacks people outside the system to keep the system safe
  • Protector - role
  • Reporter
  • Role -
  • Singlet -
  • Split - a film, with harmful stereotypes highlighting very unlikely negative scenarios. As films do -- every damn time.
  • Splitting
  • System - Commonly used when referring to the self-hood within a body with d-i-d. The word can be used in place of (for example) "person". with d-i-d. generally 1 body and a series of alters or fragments/parts.
  • Trauma Holder

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