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A CENTO - in Poetry - is a technique - an artefact created via a technique:

A cento is a poetical work wholly composed of verses or passages taken from

William S Burroughs

other authors

William S Burroughs defined the

Cento is a

cut-up method as an art for filtering out the future between the lines.

cut-up art

is wholly composed of passages taken from other authors, especially the Greek poet Homer and the Roman poet Virgil


no longer -- as in the early works of Burroughs -- a purely literary instrument but [in other works] [it begins] to permeat[...] (sic.) the music scene

loosed upon the world

(the female and male portions of divided humanity who must be reunited)

turning and turning in the widening gyre

great figures -- harnessed Bob Dylan -- mined his frankly literary vein

The CENTO was originally
a Buddhist idiom
It saw all of human existence
as a foamy illusion
and a fraud to be outgrown.

The CENTO, ultimately:

... saw all of human existence
as a foamy illusion

And all of existence just

...a fraud to be outgrown.

Anon, away.


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