Pulp Fiction (1994 film)

Heavy spoiler alerts on this page, concerning the film Pulp Fiction

Chronological Order

  • Captain Koons gives the gold watch to young Butch
  • Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield drive to collect the suitcase from Brett / Marvin / Roger (flock of seagulls) / et al. They are almost shot, and Jules has an epiphany.They take Marvin.
  • Marvin is shot
  • Vincent and Jules go to Jimmy's to deal with the car.
  • Marcellus Wallace receives a phone call while sitting by the pool with Mrs Mia Wallace.
  • Winston Wolfe is called in. For some reason there is a high class gambling party happening at Mr Wolfe's house, even though it is approx 8am.
  • Vincent and Jules go to the dinner. Vincent picks up a book, Modesty Blaize.
  • Ringo and Yolanda, two other diners at the diner, decide to rob the diner.
  • A stand off ensues with Jules and Vincent. Ringo and Yolanda leave with their lives. Vincent and Jules leave; Vincent doesn't appear to be carrying the book.
  • Butch visits Marcellus at his bar. Marcellus is no longer at his pool, he is in a bar, talking to Butch.
  • Vincent and Jules go to the same bar, dressed as a couple of dorks. Vincent confronts Butch.
  • Jules begins to wander the earth. Vincent continues to think about that book he began to read at the diner.
  • Vincent goes to his dealer, Lance, who he knows well, and meets his wife Jody for the first time, and her friend. He purchases high purity heroin, and takes some.
  • Vincent rides his motorcycle to Marcellus Wallace's place.
  • Mia and Vincent leave to go to Jack Rabbit Slim's in Vincent's Car. Somehow.
  • Mia and Vincent win a dancing competition, and head home to Marcellus Wallace's house in Vincent's car.

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