Moments with Franz

Franz Kafka, pausing to sip a cup of coffee, discovering it has gone cold.

Franz Kafka, getting on his best friend Brod's nerves over whether or not to keep the window open when they share a room at a hotel.

Franz Kafka, at the end of his life, making hand shadow-puppets in the evenings with Diamant.

Franz Kafka in a Miniature city, Meridian Tower, Shenzhen, China

Franz Kafka, getting engaged and not getting married.

Franz Kafka, aged 53, at just seven years of age.

Franz Kafka, on a Smoggy observation deck, Meridian Tower, Shenzhen, China.

Franz Kafka asking his sister, Ottla, to go out and please buy twenty copies of the magazine that has run a Czech translation of his story 'The Stoker'.

Franz Kafka, crying, at the Tropicana, Las Vegas.

Franz Kafka, getting engaged and not getting married.

Franz Kafka, encouraging his father to invest in an asbestos factory and then disappointing his father terribly by not helping to run the asbestos factory, which loses money and goes under.

Franz Kafka, on the corner of Broadway and Ninth, eating chocolate cake in a bag, his brilliance not apparent to everyone it seems.

Franz Kafka, annoyed that his father and mother stay up late playing the card game franzefuss.

Franz Kafka, at a nudist sanatorium admiring the bodies of two young Swedish men.

Franz Kafka, writing to the married translator, whom he has wooed.

Franz Kafka, reading a letter from the tax office asking about capital contributions to the First Prague Asbestos Works, here he is writing back explaining that the factory had ceased to exist five years earlier, and here he is receiving another letter asking what his reply meant as no record could be found of the referenced original letter, and then here he is a few months later receiving a third letter threatening him with charges and a fine if he persists in not accounting for the capital accumulation on the First Prague Asbestos Works.

Franz Kafka, entering a fancy dress ball, dressed as Franz Kafka.

Franz Kafka, getting engaged and not getting married.

Franz Kafka, investigating a Snake spine, London Zoo, London, UK.

Franz Kafka, writing about the women who work at the asbestos factory.

Franz Kafka, getting engaged and not getting married.

Franz Kafka, getting engaged and not getting married.

Franz Kafka, writing a 16-page letter asking for a promotion at the Workers' Accident Insurance Institute.

Franz Kafka, investigating a vending machine priced by grams of fat, Google, San Jose, California

Franz Kafka, the young writer and insurance worker reliably showing up to work every morning at 8:15.

Franz Kafka, confused by a Copyright shop, Fort, Mumbai, India.

Franz Kafka, desperate to write his fiction but setting aside his two-week holiday period to write a very long letter to his father (which he never gives him) in which he explains that his father eats too loudly and too messily and that his father’s large body made Kafka, as a child, feel small and weak when they would go together to the city pool

Franz Kafka, trapped in a datapunk quantified self sensor array 1, Institute for the Future, Palo Alto.

Franz Kafka, relieved by his mortal diagnosis of TB.

Franz Kafka giving a reading in Munich with Rilke, and being reviewed in the paper the next day as 'quite an inadequate presenter'.

Franz Kafka, drinking cold tea in the walled city of Kowloon.

Franz Kafka, asking to be released from his job so he can be a soldier.

Franz Kafka has come unstuck in time.


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