Knatoms are KNowledge ATOMS.

They are the indivisible units from which knowledge emerges.

Knatoms combine into knowlecules.

When enough knowlecules combine together, you have a topic!

Knatoms and Spaced-Repetition

A single knatom may be expressed in multiple ways, and, in a learning system such as "Spaced Repetition", a knatom will require multiple cards, for it to be tested thoroughly.

Any spaced-repetition card should always cover at least one knatom.

For example it may be expressed in "clozed deletion" form, both forwards and backwards.

E.g., a

A $term is a $definition_of_term

Either the "clozed deletion" question expects you to provide the term, or to provide a keyword in the definition of the term.


  • A ____ is an indivisible "Atom" of "Knowledge".
  • A "Knatom" is an indivisible "Atom" of "____".
  • A "Knatom" is an indivisible "_____" of "Knowledge".
  • A ____ is the smallest building block in a knowledge system.

A complex definition may have more than one keyword. Hence, a single knatom will require more than one spaced repetition card to cover it fully.

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