Items my friends have produced that I wish to freely promote

  • My friend Mik performs percussion with Bird Flies High

    They're available on spotify, it's a very good listen. This is a strongly recommended group.

  • Sarah Hickey is an artist who does fantastic work. Her work is amazing from near and from afar (intricate details, but also larger than life) colorful but with darkness and contrast aplenty. Stunning, stunning, work.

  • Chloe Wigg! Chloe is an artist whose work takes you into another world. I'd love to have her work covering one entire wall in each room of my glorious mansion.

  • Not Just Bendy hypermobility physiotherapists who really deeply get hypermobility and connect people with all the right things (deep deep understanding, exercises, information, and connection into a strong network of empathetic professionals)

  • Aussie Bushwalking - my friend Richard started this site that is collaboratively edited by every bush walker in Australia (if they wish). Consistently useful and always informative resource that just keeps growing and growing.

  • Enderlost Studios, with games including:

  • Desert skies by my friends at white rabbit games -- gripping, fun, atmospheric.

    In a wild west that's gone horribly wrong...

  • James Anderson's 20 minute breathing timer — This man makes me laugh and cry in equal measures, and, along with his you tube channel he's created a breathing timer that trains you to perform box breathing at progressively slower rates. James is an inspiration to anyone lucky enough to see his work.

  • Octopus Deploy - watching Octopus deploy grow from a part time passion project for a widespread problem area, into a much loved and globally recognised solution, has been an amazing journey. Many many excellent people have joined Paul Stovell to build something special at Octopus.

It's great to stand back and think about all these artists and inventors. These are just a few that I know, and they are situations where I've seen a tiny bit of the behind the scenes effort, the hard work and the disappointments and the challenges and the perseverance, the absolute dogged perseverance it takes over many years to be able to put something new into the world. It's incredible to think of how much arduous the journey must be, for every piece of art that humans have brought into existence, for every invention they've created. And all that time, while humans are learning and growing and pushing the limits of their capabilities, cats just lie around for 23 hours a day.


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