Fact Checking "Nightflight to Venus"

In a world bursting with too much information, it's important to distinguish fact from fiction.

How far should we go in our pursuit of truth? Should we tear down the lies of the elites? Should we destroy the old masters? Should we turn our scientific scalpel upon Boney M.'s stellar classic "Nightflight to Venus"?

Of course we should. Boney M's disco-wrapped lies have given us wildly implausible beliefs about (rah rah) Rasputin -- but worse, they've poisoned a generation with their lies about space travel.

The start is innocuous enough:

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard the Starship Boney M
for our first passenger flight to Venus.

Passengers, it seems, the ordinary folk like you or I, are now able to catch a flight to Venus. Seems dubious - but let's see what else is described in this flimsy travel brochure of a song:

Nightflight to Venus
Way out there in space
Nightflight to Venus
Our new fav'r't place

Hang about. Hang about just a dang minute.

The sheer ludicrousness of the thing ought to be apparent to all at this moment.

We're headed to Venus. To Venus. Venus, got that? AT NIGHT.

Allow me to draw a little diagram of the solar system. You'll note the word 'solar' there, which means 'Sun' as you'll find that this SUN has quite a central place in the diagram, and you'll further note that Suns are what is absolutely lacking in any supposed "NIGHT" flight.

TODO: Diagram.

Our flying time will be 8 hours. We'll be travelling
at a speed of 2183 miles per second.

Will we now. Let's see how this stacks up.


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