The Magic Unfinished Spellbook

Spellbooks are dangerous!

Do Not Eat!

If you find a spellbook lying around your home you should not go up to it and ask it any questions.

Do not read anything on the spellbook, not even the title of the book.

Although if you do NOT read the title, you are not going to know it is a spellbook, so you won't know not to read it and you could end up in a whole lot of trouble.

So if you see any books that might possibly be spellbooks then please go ahead and read their title and then quickly decide for yourself if the title of the book makes it sound like a spellbook.

If it is a nice normal book then go ahead and read it. Reading is very good for you and makes you grow up to be a wonderfully creative and helpful sort of person with a million universes bustling about inside your brain. But if the book has a name that means it might be a spellbook then whatever you do do not go ahead and read it, do not even read the complete title of the book.

Words to look out for include but are not limited to the following

  • spellbook
  • grimoire
  • grimorium
  • tome
  • manifesto
  • magnum opus
  • Arcana
  • Marginalia
  • Manuscript
  • Apocrypha
  • necronomicon
  • Nachlass
  • treatise
  • epistles
  • celestial
  • astral
  • papyri
  • enchiridion

Beware of seals and symbols, snakes and swords.

Beware in particular of

Triangular books




The most dangerous book that ever existed was a spellbook.

And because this particular spellbook was an unfinished spellbook the writer never got around to putting a title on it, so on its cover there was no title at all.

If you ever read the title of a book and find that it does not have a title then stop reading the title right away and don't read anymore of the book, even if the pages themselves are completely blank, because it could be:

-=:! the magic unfinished spellbook !:=-

...which is the greatest and most powerful book of spells that any witch or wizard ever created.

There is also a pocket version, which should also be avoided.


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