RPG For Kids

20-sided dice

Role Playing Games are a lot of fun. What are some good introductory role-playing games for kids? (And particularly for girls)

Background noise

You can play ambient background music from Tabletop audio

Build your own RPG (for kids!)

How hard would it be to build your own RPG? I mean the whole thing, the mechanics and the stories, the artwork, everything.

The {stories|tales} themselves are {rich|detailed|richly detailed}, if {predictable|familiar}.

"Will {Storm|Fire|Water|Ice|Dungeon|Rock|Gold|Mist}{Breaker|Bringer|Eater|Taker|Shaker} the {Brave|Foolish|Wise|Golden|Nasty} be able to {defeat|out-wit|double-cross|trounce|betray} {Storm|Fire|Water|Ice|Dungeon|Rock|Gold|Mist}{Breaker|Bringer|Eater|Taker|Shaker} the {Brave|Foolish|Wise|Golden|Nasty|Green|Orange|Brown|Red|Sudden} before {he|she|they} can {destroy|befriend|overthrow|thrash|swindle} {Storm|Fire|Water|Ice|Dungeon|Rock|Gold|Mist}{Breaker|Bringer|Eater|Taker|Shaker} the {Brave|Foolish|Wise|Golden|Nasty}? Perhaps, but only with a little {sorcery|magic|luck|trinket|loot|cunning|patience|spellbook|demonic divination} — and a whole lot of {sorcery|magic|luck|armor|weapons|blood-curdling yells|crafting|loot|fighting|raiding|spell casting|dice rolling}!"


dnd dwarf

It's a {frosty|chilly|stormy|moonless|steamy} {night|evening|dawn} in {a strange|an unfamiliar|a bustling|a corrupt|a deadly|a quiet|the party|the deadliest|the worst} {city|town|village|forest|hamlet|district}, and you're a{ 3-foot tall|n angry| crusty| crooked| wanted|n infamous| nasty| hard-boiled| wide-eyed| naive|n excitable| trigger-happy} {burglar|thief|rogue|swindler|pirate|cop|politician|taxi-driver} with {a full-face tattoo|too many guns|not a dollar to your name|an unbroken streak of bad luck|hair on your feet|a grudge|a fear of {spiders|silence|noses}|a bad case of the blues|a mysterious power|a knack for levitating|an overdue library book}. Your {lovely|deceitful} {partner|assistant|cousin|pet|gorilla} is {missing|in trouble|gone|up to mischief}{ (again!)|}, and the only clues you{'ll {wake up with|start with}| have| can find} are a{ terrible headache| throbbing head| {broken|sore} nose| missing tooth| missing finger| broken finger}, {a slip of paper|a page from a {spell|recipe |cook|phone-}book|a piece of artwork| a {crystal|silver} vase| a {silver|gold|jade} key| a hairy {tarantula|monkey}}, and {a {magic|glowing|sparkling} ring|a {talking|singing|drunken} {frog|mouse|possum}}.

Character Sheet Ideas:

See RPG Character Sheet Generator


For 3 regular dice (6 sided)

Read the below as follows:

When you throw 3 regular dice and add up their total:

  • Probability of throwing exactly 6 equals 4.63%
  • Probability of throwing 6 or less is 9.26%
  • Probability of throwing 6 or more is 95.37%
Total Exact <= >=
3 0.46% 0.46% 100.00%
4 1.39% 1.85% 99.54%
5 2.78% 4.63% 98.15%
6 4.63% 9.26% 95.37%
7 6.94% 16.20% 90.74%
8 9.72% 25.93% 83.80%
9 11.57% 37.50% 74.07%
10 12.50% 50.00% 62.50%
11 12.50% 62.50% 50.00%
12 11.57% 74.07% 37.50%
13 9.72% 83.80% 25.93%
14 6.94% 90.74% 16.20%
15 4.63% 95.37% 9.26%
16 2.78% 98.15% 4.63%
17 1.39% 99.54% 1.85%
18 0.46% 100.00% 0.46%



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