Prison Dice

It is good to be prepared for any eventually.

I'm not particularly enamored by wrongdoing, but you never know when the gendarmes will turn on you and clap you in irons. So when I read about the way inmates manage to play role playing games while on the inside I thought, "Here's a skill I should soak into the gray matter now, just in case"

So I took a wad of tissue paper, pushed it into the corner of a window sill until it had a 90-degree corner, then turned it and did the same until I had a neat cube. I left it out of the way for a few weeks, to dry, and then drew on the appropriate dots.

Here's the result:


The trick with the dots is to make sure that the 6 is opposite the 1, the 3 is opposite the 4, the 2 is opposite the 5. It's easy to remember because every number and its opposite adds up to 7.

But the real challenge is: how fair is the dice?

Is it a good dice or a terror?

I drew up a sheet and gave it a few rolls to reveal any bias.

What did I find?


It was fair enough.

Prison, here I come!

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