Phantom Time Hypothesis

Error and falsification have radically distorted the {official|historical|"official"} record. The most difficult challenge to historians lies in trusting trust, or trusting 'trust', or 'trusting' trust, or 'trusting' 'trust'.

Consider the incontrovertible put forward here:


There are {lost moments|moments we have lost}.

There are lost centuries. Lost civilizations. Lost years. Lost decades. Lost languages, inventions, dimensions, lost sources, lost recipes, lost islands, lost people, lost babies, lost weapons, lost knowledge, lost losers, lost treasures, lost thoughts, lost feelings, lost genes, lost species, lost things.

Consider this sheep.

They say history is written by the victors? But who says that? Winston Churchill is said to have said it, but who says he said it? A victor? It sounds like something that would be written and retold by non-victors? Was Winston Churchill really a victor? How do we know World War II ever ended? How do we know anything? Why this? Why that?

Which years have been lost? Which years will be lost?

Are we living in the {interstitial|between times}?{ Even now?|}

{Can lost time be found?|Can found time be lost?}

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