Leon Coin

Here are the rules of Leon Coin (lb-coin).

The emoji:


...is used as the official emoji until a new emoji issuing foundation is established as a subsidiary of unicode and a custom emoji is thus available.

Alternatively I would like to create an SVG to act as the official logo of lb-coin. It will be announced here if it is created.

Any set of rules of lb-coin that have not been produced and published at wiki.secretGeek.net are hereby declared void. Any future set of rules of lb-coin do not supersede this one, unless signed and dated non-retroactive declarations are made from this same site allowing them.

I am the sole issuer of lb-coin, Leon Bambrick of Australia, the blogger responsible for secretGeek, who tweets at @secretGeek.

No more than 10 lb-coin will be issued in any calendar week (the week restarts at midnight each saturday night, brisbane time).

Partial lb-coins can be issued, if in future there are any splits. (Such splits will be announced here.)

An lb-coin can be redeemed for favors in the form of publicly performed labor including but not limited to examples such as coding, writing, drawing or speaking. Rights of any works produced in this form can be handled separately: the chosen example of creative labor does not limit or declare any given sets of licenses for intellectual property or inventions created therein.

Each lb-coin when issued can be identified by a number if the receiver no wishes. An official transaction log of each lb-coin can be retained if transactions are lodged centrally.


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