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I read some terrible fan fiction once, in the style of Steven King's Misery, but about a man who takes Roger Waters hostage to force him to add his own lyrics to Momentary Lapse of Reason; and once he's been there for months the captor plays him a casette... it is one of Roger's solo albums, but with guitar solos added by David Gilmour, who it turns out is being held in an adjacent cavern. David and Roger eventually team up and conspire to escape. As they are smashing their way through a white wall, using hammers they uncovered, they realise it's all a setup, there is no escape, and the man, their captor, kills them before they realise he is Syd Barrett. The internet has mercifully forgotten.

But this page is not about that idea. That's a bad idea and not one of mine thankfully. Definitely not. My ideas are better than that. Oh boy.

This page here, the one you are being forced to read at gunpoint right now, is an idea for a television show. Netflix hmu.

I originally described the idea here: Using Computers to Invent New and Fun European Style Board Games

A frustrated boardgame designer abducts a group of nerds, and keeps them in an underground lair, where he forces them to playtest his hundreds of wacky game ideas.

It would be a comedy but would also be spooky creepy scary fun and drama too. I picture the nerds as being a kind of Buffy Gang, though maybe with a bit of an IT Crowd tilt.

I think this could be an awesome sitcom. I'd definitely watch it.

Just some random notes:

He could have resigned himself to a prison. To end as a prisoner – that could be a life’s ambition. But it was a barred cage. Casually and imperiously, as if at home, the racket of the world streamed out and in through the bars, the prisoner was really free, he could take part in everything, nothing that went on outside escaped him, he could simply have left the cage, the bars were yards apart, he was not even imprisoned.

I was reminded at some moments of the ending of A Handful of Dust, when we meet the illiterate man in the Brazilian jungle who loves Charles Dickens’s writing so much he holds the protagonist, Tony Last, captive so that he can read Dickens to him until the end of his days.

(the above is in a very lengthy review of a very lengthy book about Kafka, much longer than the complete works of Kafka, the book is by a man "Stach" - and the review continues thus:

Sometimes I thought of Stach as the captive and Kafka as the captor in this analogy, and sometimes the other way around. It is a very long biography and so sometimes I had all sorts of thoughts I not long afterwards wanted to upend, or undermine.

SO it is with the ideas of the captor and the captive; there ideas begin and end nowhere they don't know where one game ends and another begins, where life ends and game resumes or game ends and life resumes; but it is not horror, it is not saw, if it is anything like saw then i will resign from the idea writing business


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