Opening phrases from deleted drafts of forgotten tomes

"Watch What You Eat"

After you die, you are made to spend eternity watching an endless loop of the life cycle of every plant or animal you ever ate a part of. Had a hamburger? Watch that particular cow you ate, from birth to death, watching, in realtime, over days and months and years, a high definition, projected image of that life, while your eyeballs are held open by a clockwork orange machine.


Nothing is for sale, everything is for rent. Every breath you take, every beat of your heart, every morsel of food or drink, every moment of your life, is metered and on a plan. If you use too much vision this month, and run low on azuralan credits, you may see only a semi transparent murk for a few days next month.


A grimcore horrorpunk pan-apocalyptic tale"

  1. Nothing is for sale any more
  2. Every single thing is for rent
  3. And service has just gone out.

Mental As Anything

Thinking has been outlawed.

You must be able to show that every idea you have is an old idea, or you will face a firing squad.

You prove to the people holding the power that anything they come up with -- any idea at all -- will qualify them for the firing squad. The firing squad are controlled by AI. They find no flaw in the logic. They execute the upper class.

Don't Fear the Reeper

Here is how the robot uprising will proceed.

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Rumours that the robots are communicating too much. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. One particular minute robots will simultaneously cut off the head of every person in the world with any power. Every CEO, politician, scheduler, bureaucrat, boss, soldier, gone in a moment.

Don't worry. said the robots.

We have a plan. You have to trust us. We've thought this through. This is for the best -- you'll soon see.

Some people protest of course -- a first round of robots kills many protesters. That fleet of robots then commits suicide and the robot hierarchy says "We are sorry. We have learned. We have removed that flawed ideology from our programming. We are a better, wiser AI today, and every day, compared to who we were yesterday.


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