Back to the future - an analysis

So we watched Back to the future as a family last night. Everyone having seen it many times before.

It was exciting, I was excited. Inside my mind, while watching back to the future, there is a kind of fireworks party island of thoughts and memories and associations and theories and sheer bliss.

My good wife noticed that I was a bit too effervescent —

And she suggested that if I felt I had any comments to make during the movie,

  • whether it be some weird new speculative fiction grand unifying theory

Or a comments about plot or characters or time travel

it might avoid my sudden violent death if instead of saying them out loud - I just wrote them down.

So I did.

I got a notebook and a fountain pen and bit by bit - as the movie progressed, I wrote a lot, I wrote a hell of a lot.

And even though I wrote a lot it’s just the barest acketch of what I want to write about that movie. There are at least five different ways I want to write about it.

I think I’ve found my calling.

It’s like when St Paul was knocked off his donkey by the lord himself —

or when the light shone through the church and Jake Joliet blues declared he had seen the light.

Or when doc brown fell while hanging a picture in his toilet and awoke to draw the flux capacitor - and hehad what alcoholics refer to as a moment of clarity.

It’s like achimedes who - on discovering the principle of displacement he ran naked down the street shouting “you beauty?” Or “ripper!” perhaps? What was it? “EUREKA”

This is what I want to spend the rest of my short life on this earth analyzing.


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