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Self-tests are not intended to diagnose or to replace the care of a health care professional.

But I think they are an excellent place to start, and much more instructive than quizzes such as "which pokemon are you?" (which is also not diagnostic or intended to replace the care of a pokemon-training professional)


My favorite thing in the ADHD-i community is the cartoons!

Some artists I love:

Some examples:




They might move slowly as their brain is so active

—ADHD Alien

(Quote from ADHD Alien in response to people saying "You don't seem hyperactive!")



It has come to my attention that buying books, and reading books, are two separate, entirely unrelated hobbies

Paraphrased from here

(In the quote above you can also substitute in any hobby related buying: guitars, bicycles, looms, art supplies, stationery, you name it)

Note you may have more success getting through audiobooks than physical books

  • Book: Delivered from Distraction
  • Book: Finally Focused



Social Media

  • Twitter: #NeurodiverseSquad#neurodiverseSquad is a hashtag used by people with ADHD, ASD, OCD and other conditions. Full of fun info.


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